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The magic of the third eye!

Singers need their foreheads relaxed. They hear very often: Don't frown! Don't raise your eyebrows! But there is more to it then just the tension

you can see on a physical level. I like to think of the forehead or third eye

as an onion with many layers. If you want to get a result and sing with more

beauty and ease you will need to relax not just the skin but the layers that

reach deeper. It takes time and imagination but when you feel it opening

like a window I promise: you will feel so much better when you sing.

Here is one way you can get it to open up:

Lay on the floor. Face towards the ceiling. Palms face up and arms

are away from the body. Feet hipwide apart. You can either stare at the ceiling or you

can close your eyes. Start to imagine that your eyes are softening. All around the eyes

are muscles, let them soften. Keep your breath going and keep the jaw relaxed.

Lips apart a little bit for deeper breathing. Breathe through the mouth.

Stay mentally with that "ring of muscles" around the eyes for as long as you need to

to feel an expansion. Soft open feeling around and behind the eyes. That's what you want to get to.

Think of a child when it looks at something magical. The wide open eyes of a child that looks at

something that overtakes all their senses. Or think you are scared and surprised if that works better for you.

Next imagine that your eyebrows melt away from each other starting at the nose.

Keep coming back to the nose and then let the eyebrows move away from each other.

You have to keep your breathing deep and the jaw relaxed. This is a journey that takes a little bit of time. Sometimes it takes a few consecutive days of practicing for you to really reach into the deeper layers. There will be no question when you have opened the forehead/third eye.

You will feel more ease in your singing. Sensations you did not experience before will suddenly show up and instinctively you will know how to use your voice in that soft, open spaces.

It will sound beautiful and you will feel a blissful happiness. Take my word for it! If you don't get the results then it is not open. Please watch your breath as you practice. The breath should naturally

deepen. If you hold it or have to force the breath to go deep then you are not yet relaxed.

Keep releasing tension anywhere in the body that you are conscious off.

The best time to do this exercise is before going to sleep. Take time for it. At least 10m to 15m.

Or even better yet 30m. It is an incredible adventure. You are an incredible adventure.

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