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Upcoming Performances

Concert Series:

3 Concerts each dedicated to a different composer.

March, April and May 

St.Francis Cabrini Shrine

701 Ft.Washington Ave. 

NY 10040


March 31st at 5pm.

Dedicated to Debussy

April 28th at 4.30pm

Dedicated to Rodger Quilter and Jerome Kern

May 19th at 4.30pm

Dedicated to Franz Schubert

April 1st at 2pm Performance

Ft.Tryon Center 

801 W 190th Street

Recent Performances


December 2nd - 11th

Three concerts in Poland. 

In honor of the victims of the Holocaust.

at the Moorish Temple in Krakow

Opera Arias and Christmas Songs.

June 23rd

Opening of the Anina Gallery in Washington Heights

Art exhibit with live Performances:

Musicians and Singers

Spoken Word Performances and Poetry Readings


May 5th 

Sacred Sounds in Sacred Settings

Concert at St.Francis Cabrini Shrine 

701 Ft.Washington Ave



December 30th performance of Operetta and Cabaret

"I was born in Romany" by Kalman and "Heia" by Kalman.

"Stranger here myself" by K.Weill.

Performed in Clifton NJ.


December 20th Christmas Concert at St.Francis Cabrini Shrine in Manhattan.


December 4th Concert with Manhattan Ville Orchestra

under the baton of Carl Christian v.Bettendorf.

"Abscheulicher" Leonore's aria from Fidelio by L.v.Beethoven

"Je dis que" Micaela's aria from Carmen by G.Bizet

Performed in Purchase, NY.


June 30th Performance of The Willow song and Ave Maria from Othello by G.Verdi in the Bruno Walter Auditorium at the Lincoln Center Library.


April 31st Performance of The Willow song from Othello by G.Verdi 

in a new play about G.Verdi "In search of Desdemona" by Carmela Altamura at the Good Sheperd Church/Lincoln Center NYC. 


April 25th Performance of Lieders and Opera

Concert for Diplomats and UN Peace workers.

Performed for the Foundation of the Revival of Classical Culture at the home of Christian Wenawesar Ambassador of Liechtenstein to the UN

in NYC.


January 23rd, 27th, 29th and February 20th Mozart's Women

Winner Best Singer, Best Play and Best Original Play

at New York Theatre Winterfestival

Performances of Mozart's Women. A one woman Show written and performed by Gudrun Buhler


January 15th Performance of The Willow Song and the Ave Maria from Othello by G.Verdi

at a Unity Concert in NY honoring Martin Luther King.



Sunday, May 1st, O'Byrne Chapel, Purchase New York

Soprano Soloist

Gustav Mahler, Orchestral Songs "Des Knaben Wunderhorn".


Sunday, August 28th at 2pm

A new Play "MOZART'S WOMEN".

A one woman show with opera arias inserted.

Written and performed by Gudrun Buhler alias Anna Mantovani.

Premiered at the Altamura Center for the Arts

494 Winter Clove Road, Round Top, NY 12473


Playing of "Klara" in "When Yellow Were The Stars On Earth".

Performances at the Hudson Guild Theatre 

September through October 2016

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